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Feeling lost, unhappy, stressed, paralyzed?

Are you a High Achiever who has become an Over-Achiever?

If this is you, your life is probably off balance.

If you are spending most of your time and energy on one area in your life, then you are probably neglecting other important areas of your life. This is not sustainable and causes problems in those neglected areas.

Feeling overwhelmed – thinking, “If I just try a little harder, have more time, have more money, have something else, then everything will be okay.” But that something never comes.

Feeling stuck and unhappy in your current situation – thinking there has to be a way out, but can’t seem to find it? Everything you have tried hasn’t worked. Tomorrow comes, and you are still stuck, stuck, stuck – and unhappy.

If you are looking to make some positive changes in your life and need help, call me and let’s get started.

Therapy can help!

We can start by helping you figure out what makes you happy – what you are really seeking in your life. Then, we can help you map out a path to achieving it. Along the way, we will learn to recognize and work through the obstacles.

The benefits of therapy are different for everyone. Generally, through therapy with me, you can get to a point where you are back to being happy, a successful and well-balanced high-achiever, and a person with a specific life plan – a plan that is well thought out, achievable, flexible, and that has sustainable strategies.

NOW is the time!

If this sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, call me today for a free consultation, schedule an appointment, and let’s get started.

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