Want to Hit the Reset Button on Life?

Therapy Can Help.

What time is it? No-o-o!!

The alarm goes off; it’s another day – another day you really don’t want to get out of bed.

You feel paralyzed.

Life has just been too hard for too long.

Nothing seems to be going right.

Maybe you have been working with a temporary fix, but now realize it just isn’t sustainable. You just wake up feeling worse each day.

How bad can things get?

Thinking things aren’t that bad yet and you can keep trying a little longer?

If what you have been doing isn’t working, then it probably isn’t going to start working.

That’s reality.

If you wait too long, then you may be in such a low place that it’s hard to get out of, even to ask for help. By that time your health may get worse, your relationship may develop more problems, and you may lose a job. Even worse, you may start drinking too much, if you haven’t already.

Something must change.

This is not the life you want.

You want to blame someone else – it’s easier that way, but at the same time you know YOU can say ENOUGH and change it yourself. You just feel paralyzed.

You need help finding the answers and your power.

Choose therapy and call me.

I can empower you to find the solutions to improve your life. Join me in my safe and comfortable office, and together we can get you what you want.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Perez

Life is about balance.

Often there is an imbalance in one or more areas of your life, and when this happens everything is affected.

Together we can look at your Mind, Body, and Life. They are all closely connected, so making a change in one area can improve other areas.

For example, if you are emotionally healthy, then you are more likely to land the perfect job, find the perfect partner, and be the parent and spouse you want to be. And, you are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices which will result in better health.

Let’s work together to redesign a life for you that is in line with your values and with your spirit — the core of who you are.

This is what will lead to a happy and sustainable life!