Frequently Asked Questions

The Logistics

Where is your office?

1213 RR 620 South, Suite 203 Lakeway, TX 78734

My building is located on RR 620 South, in the middle of Lakeway, directly across the street from Austin Boat and Motors. My office is on the second floor, and I share a suite with the Lakeway Spine Center. You will see both our names on the glass door. Come on in, and let the receptionist know you are here to see me, grab a beverage, and she will come and get me.

What are your hours?

I am available to see clients Monday through Thursday and sometimes on Friday. I am an early-riser, so you can come in as early as 7 am or as late as 5 pm.

How long are your sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes; however, I tend not to watch the clock so if we are in the middle of something good, and I don’t have anyone scheduled right after you, then we may run longer. Please keep this in mind and let me know at the beginning of session if you have to leave on time. Then I will watch the clock.

How do I set up an initial appointment?

Call me: (512) 365-4278 OR Email me: [email protected].

You can also text me, but keep in mind texts are not confidential, so don’t include any personal information.

Do I have to fill out any paperwork ahead of time?

No. I have a very short demographic form and a consent to treat that you can fill out when you get here. The rest of the information I ask along the way.

Is your office ADA-compliant?

Yes, there are several handicap parking spaces, a ramp to the building, an elevator, and the doorways to my office all accommodate wheelchairs. My office is large and can easily fit wheelchairs. The bathrooms in the building are also ADA-compliant.

About Therapy

What age ranges do you work with?

I work mainly with adults, but I do see teenagers from the age of 16 years on up. For assessments, I will see high school age and up.

Do you work with Women? Men? Couples?

Yes, all the above.

What do you do in sessions with clients?

It depends. If you don’t know where to begin, then we start there. I will help you ease into the process. I can get started with as little as one key word.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running, then I put on my track shoes and we move forward full force. If you’re in between, then we will probably start with having you tell me a little bit of what brings you in and we start there.

What modalities do you use in your client work?

I consider myself an evidenced-based therapist, but I’m also client-centered.

So, in any given session, I may use multiple approaches, but each one has some science behind it.
Some of my go-to approaches are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Insight-Oriented Therapy.

If there is a trauma involved, then I will use a mix of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It’s my personal recipe that I have been using for years and teaching other therapists – its highly effective.

What is your professional training and experience?

I am a trained and licensed Clinical Psychologist. I do therapy and psychological assessments; I don’t prescribe medications – psychiatrists do that.

I have been doing both individual and couples therapy since 2000. I have many years of experience in working with combat veterans from all eras. I received my Ph.D. from The University of Rhode Island, my clinical post-doc from Brown Medical School, and my research post-doc from The UT Health Science Center in Houston at the School of Public Health.

What else does a client need to know to make the most out of working with you?

I am a results-focused therapist. We will work together to develop a plan that has identifiable results at the end.

Life is out there, not in the office. I will help you figure out how to get and live the life you want, but then you must go out there and live it.

I am also very straightforward and transparent. I will ask the tough questions and call you out on your stuff, but always in a gentle compassionate way. I find my clients appreciate this because it gets them the results they want.

Questions you want to ask but are afraid to…

What if I cry?

I have high quality tissues to make the experience as pleasant and comforting as possible.

Do you serve coffee?

Not only do I have coffee, I also have tea, hot chocolate, and water. Yes, I have Keurig and a water station.

Is there a bathroom nearby?

The bathrooms are just outside my office suite.