Divorce Process Support

The divorce process may be one of the hardest things you ever go through.

Is this you…

I don’t know what to do.

This is all too painful.

I just want the pain to stop.

I just want it done!

Where do I sign?


Yes, STOP and take a deep breath.

Decisions made during emotional times rarely work out in the long run. Think smart and give me a call.

I help individuals process the grief, set aside the emotions, and explore what the smartest decision for them would be and why. Then, as the divorce process unfolds, during the emotional ups and down, you can look back at your plan and review what is smart and why. This will help you think clearly and smartly.

A call away…

During the most intense days, I make myself available for spontaneous phone sessions to help keep you grounded to your plan or help you revise it based on what makes sense, not what will end the day’s emotional distress.

My patients have stated that this process and extra support led to a settlement they could live with and with little to no regrets. It also led to an easier co-parenting relationship.

Call me at (512) 365-4278, and we will go through this journey together.