Individual Therapy

Every day is just another day…

Another day of unhappiness, of living an unfulfilled life.

There’s got to be more than this. I see happy people, so I know it’s out there. But how do I get there?

How do I get it for me?

I can do nothing…

…and that would be easy. But then in a year, I will be exactly where I am, still unhappy, still stuck in a rut, still looking at what others have and what I want, still looking on the Internet for the magic answer to how to feel happy.

Therapy is the answer.

Together we can map out what’s not working, find your strengths, and use those strengths to identify solutions.

With a plan in place, we can start the journey and move you forward to your happy place.

Along this journey, I will help you develop a health-positive mindset, so you can wake up each morning and have a focus on what is great with your life and what great things are in store for you today!

Call me at (512) 365-4278, and let’s start the work together.